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Upcoming Tours

  Sacred Sites Tours

New Tours starting in 2022

Maria O'Farrell Carr have been hosting Ireland Sacred Tours for over ten years and to-day are one of the top Sacred Irish Tours.
We also offer tours mostly to Ireland but also to Greece, Scotland and Canada.  
All our Tours are registered and bonded through K.Banks Travel (1994) Inc, - BC Registration #2776-4
Hosted by Celtic Wisdom Keeper and your Irish guide Maria O'Farrell Carr.

We also offer private custom tours since 2012 for Hosts and groups such as Kryon with Lee Carroll, Michelle Karen Shamanic Tours,
Celtic Angels with Cindy Smith, Spiritual Singles Tours, Sacred Gifts group, Shamanic Groups, Circle Dance groups, family& friends groups and more.

"As an Irishman living in Ireland couldn’t recommend this lady enough. Great host
" - Ricky T

"Thank you so much for an experience of a lifetime, your guidance, knowledge, wisdom and kindness". - Judith G.

"Maria, there are no words to describe what this tour meant to me. Thank you for taking us to so many beautiful and sacred sites!
I know that I received so many blessings and healings along the way. I loved the whole tour and can't wait to return."  - Yvonne  D

Do you find you need a real break, a time to stop and take time for you,
to connect with the real you and to start your own spiritual Journey?
Do you find you are happy inside?
Maria has found the path of  'I Am Happiness'
and shares with you how to embrace your inner joy, FUN and happiness
 while we explore the Sacred Land of Ireland and Greece.
Small groups with lots of time to connect with the land and sacred sites.

Maria's Sacred & Holiday Tours  - Small, large and private tours.

Celtic Angels Sacred Sites of Ireland 2022  - May 16, 2022

Vibe with Your Tribe Ireland Sacred Sites Tour 2022 
- May 2, 2022

Northern Ireland and Ireland Sacred Sites Tour 2022 - Alcohol Free Tour - Sept 2022

Circle Dance Ireland Tour 2023  -
May 2023

Sacred Sites Tour of Ireland & Scotland 2023
or 2024 -  TBA - 21 nights
Ireland only   (7 nights)
      Scotland only  (10 nights)

Greek Islands Tour - TBA

Custom & private Tours available for groups

Open to everyone. Email Maria for more details and brochure.

(Custom & Private Tours available for groups) 

Can't make these tour dates or planning to do on a solo trip?
 Check our custom
Maria's Itinerary Planning Page.

Maria's Irish Tours

Previous Tours with Maria
 2020 tours postponed till 2021
2019 Sept - Greek Islands Tour with Maria (Sold Out).
2019 March - Ireland Sacred Sites Tour with Angela Blaha  (Sold out)
2018 Sept - Ireland Tour with Michelle Karen and Maria (Sold out early)
2018 June - NYC Holistic University Ireland Tour (Private)
2018 May - Ireland Gaia Tour  (Sold out early)
2018 April - Celtic Angels Ireland Tour (Sold out)
2017 Sept - In Spirit by Day & Spirits by Night - Ireland Tour (Sold out)
2017 Aug - Summer Fun Holiday Ireland Tour
2017 April - Spring Fun Holiday Tour (with Scotland Option).
2017 April -  Kryon Ireland Tour  with Lee Carroll)
2017 May 1st - Excursion to Glendalough with Kryon 
2017 May/June - Irish Gardens and Sacred Sites Ireland Tour 
2016 September - Kryon Ireland Tour 
2016 Sept- Circle Dance International Ireland Tour
2016 March - Celtic Angels Ireland Tour
2015 September - Mystical Ireland Land Tour 
2015 June - Okanagan BC Sacred Energy Tour & Festival 
2015 March -  Celtic Angels Ireland Tour 
2014 November - Sacred Tour to Hawaii 
2014 September - Magical Holiday Ireland Tour 
2014 March -  Celtic Angels Ireland Tour
2013 March - Celtic Angels Ireland Tour
2000 to 2012 Event planning


Special recognition
from Ireland’s President Michael D. Higgins
for Maria’s valuable contribution to the 2013 Gathering

and her work with Ireland Sacred Tours.

Recent messages from our last Ireland tour:

Hi Maria, 
 I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to you for the fact that you do the tours you do, and how important this experience in Ireland was to my daughter and I.  There are so many aspects of what you do and how you do it that make it the kind of event it is.  You have a deep love of people and of Ireland. Beyond this though, is your desire to connect the people who left Ireland in the past and bring them back to their homeland in this timeline, to heal the grief and reconnect with the land, their history, and the modern day Irish people.  Just wow...  You have great therapeutic skills also, which you put to use in such a unique way.  You simplify and present a very complex history of Ireland and weave it with the spirituality in a way that I have never seen.  I love your book, its circularity and its practicality.  I will continue to use it as a reference point in my "Irish studies" tehe…  Well, enough for now.  Once again, you are an inspiration and I hope this keeps being fun for you, because I definitely would like to join you for a tour again in the future.  Warmly,  Shelly (USA)

Hello Maria,
It must feel good to have another very successful tour completed. I don’t know if I really conveyed before how appreciative we are for the great organizational job you did with the tour. The spiritual aspect of it added so much, making it very meaningful. We would not have had half the incredible experience if not for you, Maria. Thanks again. You really do ROCK! Lots of love, Miles and Darrilyn (BC. Canada)

Hi Maria,
What a beautiful perfect group I had the blessing to have and specially the best host ever MARIA, thanks, thanks so much, you’re the best host ever! I love you’re humor! Thanks again Maria, thank to all and for your beautiful spirit ! Dulce (Mexico)

Dearest Maria,
I know we hugged good bye but I personally want to thank you for taking care of all your crew so perfectly well.  Your entertainment was out of this world.  Thank you again. I’m showing the pics and telling everyone and they are interested in going next time. I think I will be your long distance publicity. Much love, light, & peace,  Janeth (USA)

During our tour to Ireland, I felt very looked after by Maria.  Even before I left home, Maria sent tips that helped a lot and that I would not have thought of myself, especially, bring a washcloth, and notify our credit card company that we’d be in Ireland.  Logistics were a breeze because Maria chose ideally located hotels, checked us in when we got there, matched me with a lovely roommate, brought water bottles on the bus, kept us on time, and even asked if I had someone to sit with during a meal.  In large and small ways, our guides noticed and cared.  Most of all, their interpretations at sacred sites we visited made the aliveness and sacredness of the land very real for me.   
 Janet K,  Crozet, VA, USA

If you think one of these tours is for you then please email Maria for full details of our tour 

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