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These testimonials are an example of the appreciation our customers have expressed for our services. 

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Messages from our Ireland tours:

This is the third trip I have taken to Ireland with Maria.  I love how the itinerary changes each time, yet we always seem to go to some of my favourite places.  As usual, Maria gave us an organized, interesting and fun tour.  I felt looked after the entire time, right from the start with all the information she provided, until we said our goodbyes, and everything in between.  I look forward to travelling with her again next year.  Thanks Maria, you are awesome!  Edie K, SK, Canada

I  will be eternally grateful for our 2013 journey of discovery of Ireland. I will always cherish the first time in my life that I was with like-minded friends and free to be myself. Your dedication and passion is changing lives. You are a gift and a blessing. T. N
Thanks to the fabulous pandemic, my trip with Maria, took a couple years to happen . It was everything I hoped for and more!!! Maria is so warm and welcoming, full of knowledge and fun . How anyone can love cows that much is beyond me lol . She is very helpful both on and off the tour - I went early and she helped me plan, how to get where I was going and how to get back to where I needed to be to join up with the group. She advised me on places to stay and things to see. This was my first trip with her but definitely not my last. Also have to mention how fabulous Allayne was with booking our flights and everything! Definitely recommend this tour group . Kelly S, SK, Canada
Maria, you have cured me of my "tour group phobia." My hesitation of not being in control of where and when on a trip all changed after Ireland with you. You gave us your knowledge, humor, and love of the Irish land and people every day. You also embodied both the sacredness and light-heartedness of the Irish people; what a blast this trip was. There's no way I would have had this depth of experience if I had traveled on my own. Just like the land has layers of history, this trip had so many layers of joy. Even though trip memories fade over time, the sacred spaces we visited remain vivid and permanent. And thank you for my introduction to the fairies!  Maura N., MN, USA

Hi Maria,  I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to you for the fact that you do the tours you do, and how important this experience in Ireland was to my daughter and I.  There are so many aspects of what you do and how you do it that make it the kind of event it is.  You have a deep love of people and of Ireland. Beyond this though, is your desire to connect the people who left Ireland in the past and bring them back to their homeland in this timeline, to heal the grief and reconnect with the land, their history, and the modern day Irish people.  Just wow...  You have great therapeutic skills also, which you put to use in such a unique way.  You simplify and present a very complex history of Ireland and weave it with the spirituality in a way that I have never seen.  I love your book, its circularity and its practicality.  I will continue to use it as a reference point in my "Irish studies" tehe…  Well, enough for now.  Once again, you are an inspiration and I hope this keeps being fun for you, because I definitely would like to join you for a tour again in the future.  Warmly,  Shelly (USA) 2018
Hello Maria, It must feel good to have another very successful tour completed. I don’t know if I really conveyed before how appreciative we are for the great organizational job you did with the tour. The spiritual aspect of it added so much, making it very meaningful. We would not have had half the incredible experience if not for you, Maria. Thanks again. You really do ROCK! Lots of love, Miles and Darrilyn (BC. Canada)

Messages from our Greek Island Tour:

Dearest Maria, Thank you for all that you do to make our tours a carefree and fun experience! After taking part on your Spring 2016 Ireland Tour, I knew I was in good hands and would follow you in additional tours. You have enabled me to travel (once again) with incredible group of soul sisters and I am forever grateful. Much gratitude. Donna B.

Dear Maria, Thank you for including me on your tour. It has been so much FUN spending time together talking, dancing, laughing and hugging. You are a very special person. My Charkas, my heart, my spiritual-ness now feel as deep as the Ocean, as bright as the Sun and as magical as a starry night. Love always, S.

Maria, I would like to THANK YOU for making me feel safe on my first trip overseas. I really appreciated and found interested our day tour of Athens and the Day tour of the sacred Island of Delos. You made me feel part of the group which I really appreciated. I am basically on the beginning of my spiritual path and this has been a great kick start. I am looking forward to joining you on your Sacred Scotland Tour in 2021. Thanks again, M.S

Beautiful Maria, Thank you so much for the amazing experience. I will treasure my time here always. I so LOVED all we did and the time to get to know other beautiful souls. Thank you for threats, the delights, for taking care of all the small details and considering everyone on the trip. Also thanks for the FAIRY talk and info. I am trying to connect with them more. Lots of love. May we travel together again. Kim

Dearest Maria, Thank you so much for planning this amazing Greek tour vacation. Its been a life long dream of mine, you helped bring into fruition for me. I learned so much from you about the many ways to plan a trip, I just would not have thought of. Thank you for all your planning. You thought of everything down to the fabulous hotels, beach locations and excursions.
Keep smiling darling and never stop being YOU! love you, Sherry.

More messages from our previous Ireland tours:​
Hi Maria, 
What a beautiful perfect group I had the blessing to have and specially the best host ever MARIA, thanks, thanks so much, you’re the best host ever! I love you’re humour! Thanks again Maria, thank to all and for your beautiful spirit ! Dulce (Mexico)
Dearest Maria, 
I know we hugged good bye but I personally want to thank you for taking care of all your crew so perfectly well.  Your entertainment was out of this world.  Thank you again. I’m showing the pics and telling everyone and they are interested in going next time. I think I will be your long distance publicity. Much love, light, & peace,  Janeth (USA)
Thank you so much for an experience of a lifetime, your guidance, knowledge, wisdom and kindness.
In love and light till we meet again. -Judith G. 

I had such an amazing time, I can't even tell you. I hope to see you on another journey.
I can still hear your laughter, Maria. Much love, Debra Cr

Maria, there are no words to describe what this tour meant to me. Thank you for taking us to so many beautiful and sacred sites! I know that I received so many blessings and healings along the way. I loved the whole tour, and if I had to pick my favourite it would be very difficult as each place had its own beauty and character. Thank you for the most amazing experience I have had in a very long time. I love Ireland, the people, the culture everything and can't wait to return. Love and light! -Yvonne  

 From the moment of landing until your last day your trip will be a remarkable adventure. Whether you are a seasoned traveler who usually makes all their own arrangements or a beginning world explorer you will appreciate the care and detailed arrangements that Maria makes in preparation for the trip and during your days of travel. There is so much to see in Ireland and Maria manages to squeeze in an amazing variety of engaging experiences: historic sites, sacred sites & stone circles, breathtaking landscapes, cityscapes, shops, galleries, museums, pubs! Great places to linger all day or evening. Food of course is important. While on the road Maria finds interesting stops for delicious and always too plentiful amounts of food. Evening group dinners will be a highlight. It is a jam packed trip. With Maria's sense of humour and stories even the road touring experience in the green Paddy bus is a delightful experience. Dawn. 2013
Ireland was absolutely wonderful. Maria did a fabulous job as tour director. The tour group didn't have to do any thinking or planning - just go! I loved everything about Ireland - the people and their sense of humor, the Irish music and glorious scenery and old buildings and rock walls and sheep and on and on. Dianne
"One of the reasons that I wanted to go on the tour was to reclaim my energy and my connection to myself. I definitely found that on our tour! In fact, the minute we arrived in Ireland I felt great and I was back to being me. I enjoyed the countryside and the bus tours, and the commeraderie around our tables at the pub was great. A long time since I've had so much fun. Maria did a great job as Tour Director." Anonymous
 "On our recent tour to Ireland, I was very appreciative of Maria's knowledge of the area and the number of friendly contacts she had everywhere we went. I am sure that part of the superb welcome we had was because we were there as "Maria's group." She has a marvellous sense of what people will enjoy seeing, and has access to many unusual and interesting places. Every detail was taken into account, insuring a 
 wonderful and relaxing holiday. " Eleanor
"Fabulous holiday in Ireland!! Had so much fun. It was with Maria who is Irish so got to see lots of places that the locals know about instead of just the tourist spots. " - J
The experience of Ireland has been truly an spiritual adventure. You have managed to capture the true essence of Ireland. Thank you for the wonderful memories! The people are so friendly and kind, I will truly miss you all. Leila        

Maria, this has been a wonderful trip. Thank you so much for your guidance, knowledge and all the hard work you do and make it so special for us all. Edie K

Oh Maria, This has been a wonderful trip! You have been such a grounding for the group and it really has been a great trip, so different than the last time too. from Debbie M
Maria, Many many kudos for getting us all together to share your Ireland with us. I love the culture, the people and the sacredness of it all again. You are very special to me! much love Cherie
So grateful for finding such a wonderful spiritual family. Thank you for everything including your laughter. See you on the Irish Garden and sacred sites tour. Debra. C
Thank you for this beautiful experience dear Maria. You have such an amazing energy around you that makes every place that you have planned for us to go even better than any of us could have imagined! Thanks for making Ireland even more amazing than i could have possibly dreamed of. Thanks for also taking us to all those cool bars and introducing us to all of those amazing Irish bands. Lots of Love, Mary I.
This was once again an amazing experience! Ireland is truly magical - the emerald Isle and it is not hard to see why. I loved the stones circles and stone forts we visited. The beach on Spanish point was a highlight, especially since the dolphins came to visit. I had a magical time. I experience joy I never thought possible. I am in much gratitude. thank you Maria. Lots of love Carl.
Thank you. What a great trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed the locations, the energy, the intentions and the scheduling. I loved Killarney, Inisfallen adventures, Galway freedom, crystal forests, the one-on-one opportunities to get to know the group, the connections and the opportunity to spend such wonderful time with like-minded people. So much healing and insight - I am so grateful. Thank you for taking me around the country with  focus on the stones which feel magical to me and for teaching us the mermaid song to call in the dolphins and swans. lots of love Christina
Maria, This was a truly awesome journey. It was everything I expected and so much more. Thank you. In love and light, Dayle
Your sparkle and shine, A delight and divine, All that you share shows you deeply care. Your joy in life is contagious - a gift. I really enjoyed the tour! Splendid! Blessings and gratitude always, Anna 
Maria, I cherish our time together again. Your sparkle 
makes everyone shine. Thank you always for getting such great people together. I cherish our time together. Love you, Heather & Sarah
Thank you Maria for your wonderful organizing skills, patience, attention to detail, caring and on and on! This experience has been more than I could ever have wished for. I feel blessed and love Ireland so much. I will be back! and hope to see you in Penticton one day. Joyce.
Dearest Maria, How can I ever thank you for all the wonderful experience and beautiful sights you've helped me to see. It truly has been a trip of a lifetime and one that I will always treasure. My life has been enriched immeasurable by the love and light you have shared. Deepest blessings, Linda G.
Maria, This has been the best! Thank you so much for everything. Each day was truly mind blowing. The effort you put into everything showed, you had everything, every detail perfect.Thank you for looking after us all with such
care. You are amazing.I want to come back for sure and so look forward to it and I haven't even left yet! I felt so like family.  You re a dear dear lady and it has been a privilege to know you and share all these experiences with you. Thank you
 from the bottom of my heart. I will miss you. from Bonnie H
Dearest Maria, How could I ever thank you. I have no words to express the depth of gratitude. Please know t hat I will never forget all that you have done for me... and for us all. With all my heart, Luda P
Maria, I had a wonderful time on the tour. Can't wait to do the next one and see what story comes next!. Lots of loving, Tiffini F.

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